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Time to curb the expenditure

Hello guys,
I find myself as a fashion enthusiast that fashion is, no matter how carefully you shop, very expensive.
I have therefore composed a list of things I am allowed to buy, and things that I am going to make. My auntie recently told me that she will be giving me her sewing machine, and will be teaching me to use it. I've already compiled a list of things to make, and a list of materials to buy (I like lists). I recently bought the most awesome leopard print material and will be making some (think this; sort of style but in a heavier material) and using the excess to make a tote shopper and a scarf.
If anyone knows any great sites for patterns or material or whatever, let me know. Will be doing some outfit shots this week, so look out for them :)
Love Chloe. X


Faux faux.

Hello :)
Well, today is the start of a new month (almost) so OBVIOUSLY that required me to spend all my hard earned cash on clothes that I don't really need but really wanted :)
I've rekindled my love of eBay, so two of my purchases are from there. They're not here yet, but I'll show you the advertised pictures.
First off are these awesome faux leather shorts;


This isn't me :) haha. But these are great, I'm just hoping that the material is of a good quality. Cute with tights and a tucked in vest top or silk shirt. They were £20 with £3.99 p&p charges.


More shorts :) This time, high waisted vintage Levi shorts in indigo. Very excited. They were £13.99 with £2.99 p&p charges. Cool, whatever the season.



These two basic vest tops were on a two for £10 deal, or £6 each, from Topshop. I go through these like nobodies business, so it was time for a stock up.


I'm in love. So good for summer. Festivals, barbeques, holidays, sun, ahhhhh.... It was £20 from Topshop. Check out the gorgeous dark poppy print;


More Topshop jeans this time;


These were £40 and I think they're pure sexy. I'm still after some normal low- rise black skinny jeans, but when I saw these, they had to be mine. Tuck ANYTHING into them and I'll bet it will look hot.



Lastly but not leastly is potentially my favourite item. This is going to look so good over a white vest top and black jeans, teamed with a floppy black felt hat. Or for winter, over a long sleeve black dress. Sigh. I'm desperate for it to come already. It was £30 from Topshop.

I'm also returning two of the items from my last post. The black posh maxi skirt is going, it just won't sit properly on my hips for some unknown reason. Also, the dress. both love it and hate it. From the front, it is fantastic. But from the back, it makes my normal sized ass look about the same size as China. So I'm returning it in the hope that I find something similar, but better.

To my new subscribers, hello, thanks for joining :) Post a comment with a link to your site and I'll be sure to follow you back!
Love Chloe X


Wait...what? Is that the SUN?!

Ahoy, me hearties, and yes, that may well be the SUN, out at long last! Have we seen the end of winter? I sure hope so. Anywho, I apologise for the ridiculously long gap in between posts, I have some exams coming up (Biology and Physics, eeek!) so I've been planning and organising and revising. To apologise, I thought I'd show you some recent purchases of mine (yesterday) from Topshop online, so they're not here yet, but I'm in eager anticipation of them. Here they are;


These I actually bought a few weeks ago, and they're so ridiculous and fantastic :) I love them. Serious disco pants, even if I don't disco. They were £10, reduced from £30.


I'm in love with this. So easy to style. It was £32 from Topshop, and because it keeps going in and out of stock, I though I'd grab it fast.


I'm a big fan of maxi skirts, so this was a must. Because it is made of layered 100% polyester, I can also make it look like one of those skirts that is sheer from above the knee down (like this from , fantastic blog!) simply by rouching up the under-layers. It was £10 reduced from £45.


I love the 'silk scarf wrapped round the head headbands' but I can never seem to tie it properly. Tips on how to do it would be appreciated! But until then, there is always this baby, which was £6.


This is exactly what I've been searching for. I think it will look great with my MuuBaa leather jacket, and I'm thinking of wearing it for my birthday next month. It was £36, and I think it's just so feminine and sexy.


This colour is a little scary for me, but I think it will suit me. I love the cut and it's very versatile and up to date. It was £18 and if I like this one, I might get it in some more of the many colours that they do. I'm thinking, tucked into high- waisted indigo vintage Levi shorts with a dark brown/ tan belt for summer? Yum.


Lastly but not leastly is this lovely unusual top. I'm buying a fair bit of burgundy tones, recently :/ I suppose it's ok because they contrast so nicely with the black and camel hues of leopard print that is in recently. This top was £18 reduced from £36.

That's the lot, people. I'm thinking of doing a video haul to upload specifically to my blog, showing some stuff I got about a month ago from River Island and some charity shops. Let me know what you think, might have a go at filming it tonight. Anywho, thanks for reading, readers.


Snow is falling...

Hi guys, I know I've been MIA for a while now, for which I apologise, but to make up for it, I thought I'd show you the presents that my lovely boyfriend has got me :)Obviously I haven't opened them yet (that would be naughty!) but we wrote each other a list and here is what he's getting me;


This gorgeous baby is what I've been lusting after forever! So retro ;) haha. You could buy this original Ladies Casio from Urban Outfitters for £40, or you could be sensible and get it from Amazon for £20 :)

bag 2

Ohh, I'm so excited for this Zara bag! £25.99, and what an unusual beauty. Very art deco with a distinct dash of dark punk. Love it.


These gorgeous Topshop leather gloves are £16.00. Been lusting after them for a while :)

I also treated myself to a grey maxi skirt and a black swing skirt from H&M in the sale and also these sweeties from Urban Outfitters;


This jumper is so much nicer than the picture shows- especially when worn with a bodycon black skirt and thick woolly tights. It was £48.

playsuit 2

I love this :) So cute for summer, or great for Christmas parties when worn with black tights and heels. In the sale at £35.

I also got THE most fabulous black and greige silk skirt. It had no label on and I thought it must be about £35, but when I asked, it was only £9.99! No pictures unfortunately.

Lastly, last year in the sale at Topshop I bought a dress for £10. It was in a sorry state, a few rips and a broken zip. But it was so nice I bought it. I got it home and realised it was an Christopher Kane for Topshop dress and that it should have sold for about £200! I sent it for repair, and now it's fully ready for a night out/ party!


How nice is that!?
So lucky.

Anyway, will post again tomorrow night! Until then, bye guys, and hope you're enjoying the festivities of the season! Xx


It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

Hello guys :)
Well, apologies for the tremendous gap in between posts, we've been sprucing up the house ready for the Christmas decorations (we're getting a real tree this year instead of a fake one! Obviously sustainably sourced) and so I've been tidying away. I really need to do an outfit post, I actually did one but my brother's photography skills really weren't up to par, so I'm afraid it may have to wait :/ saying that, I have quite a few Christmas events coming up, so I'll show you the outfit photos taken from them! Anyway, I've ordered some last minute lovelies from Topshop :)
So here they are;


This gorgeous cardi keeps going out of stock, so I grabbed it whilst it was in! It was £45 and I've wanted something like this for rather a long time!


This beauty ticks alot of fashion boxes of late; cable knit, snood, and neutral tones. A snuggly one to wear with my Dorothy Perkins faux fur hooded duffle coat. It was £18.



These two burnout zipper backed vest tops are just great staple items and in grey and dark camel, they work nicely with the rest of my wardrobe as well as keeping in tune with what's hot this winter. Both were £15.

I also recently visited Ikea, and fell in love with this crazy pop art print;


At just £9.99, it seemed silly to leave it behind! It looks great in my room (even though I haven't put it up yet), which is mainly black and white with splashed of red and a mixture of old looking things (like carved picture frames and old style printed fabrics) and more modern things (such as grungy collages and geometric shapes).

Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying the Christmas prep, and watch this space for some long due outfit posts in the near future!

Love, Chloe. Xx


Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Well hello, guys! I apologise for the lack of posts, but I've been gathering 'stuff' and photos to show you. Firstly, look at the snow we had here in the UK!
Here is my front and back yard views. My poor palm tree does not look suited to this weather!
That was yesterday and it still hasn't stopped, so naturally I've been wrapping up warm- I'll take some outfit shots so you can see how I did that without looking ridiculous!
The best thing is using the cold to get revenge on people- like snowball fights with my boyfriend and putting an icicle in my brothers bed whilst he was asleep! Haha.
Anyway, I've made lots of purchases this month as a treat to myself before I spent all my money on Christmas presents. Two babies that arrives today from Urban Outfitters are these;
snake ring 2
snake ring
This amazing snake ring is more a work of art than jewellry. It costs £12 from Urban Outfitters, and although it's not the most comfortable of rings, it looks great.
kimchi and blue skirt
This gorgeous floaty skirt looks great with thick woolly tights, big leather boots and a warm winter coat. It cost £38 and is by Kimchi and Blue for Urban Outfitters.
I made another order from U.O. of these two sweeties;
bat ring
I love bats, so at £6, I couldn't resist. It looks so small and cute!
toe chain anklet
This obviously isn't a winter thing, but I thought it would be cute and unusual for summer with pumps or sandals. It was £5 in the sale.
I also spotted this gorgeous dress on the Dorothy Perkins website, and they didn't have it in store, so I've ordered it off the site.
dp vintage ivory lace dress
I can think of so many ways to wear it when it arrives! Excited! I've been after one like this for so so long. It was £31.50 and I got it on a free delivery promotion they were doing, so all is well for me :)
Last but not least is my Topshop order (which I really need to wean myself off!).
indigo high waisted
These are beautiful, I'm so excited for them. It feels like Santa is coming early this year :) haha. I love them so much I got them in stone- wash too;
high waisted stone wash
Both were £40.
I picked up this beautiful navy blue dress, at £46,simply because it's universally easy to style and won't go out of fashion. I look after my clothes, so each piece is an investment and can be recycled year in and year out.
twist hem shift navy blue
And last but not least, I stocked up on playful legwear to use with my new skirts and dresses. I've had over the knee socks and these tights before, but sheer tights unfortunately do not last forever.
soptty sheer tights
knee high ribbed socks
knee high black socks
The tights were £8 and the socks were £10 and £6. They're an easy way to spice up a plain dress or outfit.
Anyway, this is the last mega- purchase I'll be making in a long time, what with Christmas around the corner, but expect lots of outfit posts and party looks as the season commences! Hope you guys are loving the change of seasons! Look forward to your comments! Love Chloe Xx
P.s. Did you guys notice that Bleached Nirvana has had a mini make- over? I finally mastered making customised headers! Hope you guys like it! X


Baby, it's cold outside.

Hi guys,
Sorry about not posting in a while, been working a lot recently, which is, of course, excellent news :) I have managed to fit some shopping in (naturally), so I thought I'd update you on my purchases. One haul I haven't yet put up, but one of the items in this post is a new thing too. Firstly, here was today's outfit. I just had a driving lesson and called into town to swap a top which I didn't like as much as I thought I did (impulse buy :/).

I really didn't expect to pick up on the 70's trend, but I think the floral kimino adds a great touch and a nod to the 70's era.

Floral kimino/ cape: £45 Topshop
Skinny indigo jeans: £20 Dorothy Perkins
Strappy leather boots: £45 Urban Outfitters
Nude long vest dress/top: £12 Topshop
Silver St Christopher necklace: vintage hand- down

Here is two pairs of discontinued Topshop shoes that I bought on a local market stall for £4 each! Bargain!

And finally, after swapping the top I didn't want, I got these three lovely snuggly goodies for winter layering in it's place;

This oversized batwing grey/ black mixed knit jumper gives an great grunge feel to any outfit. It was £25.

This long sleeved grey cobweb top looks great layered over a little black top and skirt (which the assistant had on and I loved. It was £18.

This pink top is silky and gorgeous and makes a great replacement for the top I swapped (this one; Snakeskin Print Zip Pocket Vest - Topshop) which was too see through and unflatteringly baggy. I think it will look great tucked into skirts with heavy jewellry and heels for winter parties. It was £28.

Not long until my next post guys, see you then! Chloe Xxx
(P.s. thinking of doing a competition/ giveaway soon for my subscribers. Let me know if you think it would be a good idea, and invite your friends to enter too!)
(P.p.s the awesome jewellry website (where I got my fabulous claw necklace and numerous others) are celebrating their anniversary by doing a 25% discount on all orders until November 14th, just use this discount code: happyanniversary )